Singapour My Heart Out
Singapour My Heart Out
Sending Love and Light from Across the World

what is social emotional learning? why does it matter? what do students think?



Singapour My Heart Out all started when a burnt out teacher googled "how to travel and get paid."

I was feeling the pull toward adventure. Feeling stagnant in my daily life. Losing my passion for students and education. 

This Google search led to the Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching program. I found a way to learn how to be a better teacher and experience another culture. I was sold!

What will I be studying? Well each year we ask students to identify a strength and a need in school. As I began looking through those cards, it became obvious that students are craving social emotional learning (SEL). They said they needed things like "how to get along with those I don't like," "how to find motivation," "not giving up on myself when it gets hard." These responses inspired me to look for a country where I could see a new perspective on SEL and bring it back to the U.S. In Singapore they have SEL standards and competencies along with academic competencies.  

I'm inviting you to sneak into my luggage and join me as I research, live and explore in South East Asia.